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Visual Fusion Graphic Design Studio

We are dedicated to your success

Creating a winning campaign takes a unique set of skills. Our talented team includes project managers, strategists, designers, artists, photographers, and media specialists—and we’re all focused on you and your objectives. We research your industry and spend time getting to know you so we can  understand your brand and your business. Then we tell your story with beautiful designs and a media strategy that covers every digital and physical point of contact with your audience.

Visual Fusion Graphic Design Studio - Delano Neighborhood

The Team

We are a collaborative partner working with you to deliver on your vision.

We are perfectionists who work as a team to provide the best solutions for you. Our services include complete project management, strategy development, and custom design and media. When you work with us, our principals serve as your primary point of contact. We match our team’s skillset to each task to deliver a thoughtful, well-designed, complete package solutions. Bonus—it doesn’t leave our door until it’s perfect. Here’s the team that makes it happen:

Naama Marcos

Naama Marcos

Principal & Creative Director

Strategy / Marketing / Art Direction / Print Design / Branding


about Naama

Started Visual Fusion in 2002.

Graduated from Wichita State University with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Has over 20 years of design and marketing experience.

She is the project lead and directly involved with all projects.

A lover of coffee, sushi, shoes, and a good conversation.

Jessica Papaioannou

Jessica Papaioannou

Business Manager

Accounting / Administration / Customer relations


about Jessica

Joined Visual Fusion in 2014.

Earned an Associate of Arts with a focus in Communication from Wichita State.

Enjoys visiting local museums and attractions, being ecofriendly, and spending time with family and mom friends.

Appreciates sarcasm, thrift stores, and British TV shows about bake-offs and home restoration.

Children include dog Blanche, two cats Walter and Lucille, and human toddler Dimitri.

Zarah Daniels

Zarah Daniels

Project Manager & SM Strategist

Project MANAGEMENT / Social Media Engagement / Event Marketing


about Zarah

Joined Visual Fusion in 2013.

Graduated from Wichita State with a BFA in Graphic Design.

Favorite tools include InDesign, OneNote and Spotify (yes it’s a tool).

Loves cooking, organizing, home remodeling, decorating and constantly taking pictures of her cat Biscuit and dog Lilly.

Her usual Friday night consists of Forensics Files and a glass of wine.

Sahara Small

Sahara Small

Web Designer & Digital Strategist

Web Design / Strategy / SEO / Identity / Branding


about sahara

Joined Visual Fusion in 2017.

Graduated from Wichita State with a BFA in Graphic Design.

A master of CMS, HTML, CSS, PHP and is currently conquering JavaScript.

Loves binge-watching and reading non-stop literally anything she can get her hands on.

Was actually born in a desert and is slightly deaf when her hair is down.



Zarah's Dog

Pets management / snack inspector


about Lilly

Started visiting Visual Fusion in 2016.

50% Golden Retriever. 50% Labrador. 100% Fun.

Can be found wandering around the office, but is usually right beside her mistress Zarah.

Rarely makes a sound, but is known to bark at bad logos.

Loves coming to the office to offer her services in accepting pets, being a good girl and stealing snacks.

KaCey Green

KaCey Green

Motion Graphics Designer / Animator

Animation / Illustration / Branding / Print Design


about kACEY

Joined Visual Fusion in 2018.

Graduated from Wichita State with a BFA in Graphic Design.

An award winning illustrator & animator.

His life philosophy: Eat. Sleep. Motion. Repeat.

Has a passion for great design, sneakers & Taco Tuesday.

Dustin Youngman

Dustin Youngman

Graphic Designer

Print Design / Videography / Photography / Promotional design


about dustin

Joined Visual Fusion in 2017.

A videography wiz. His design skills are as sharp as his wit and sense of style.

Enjoys drawing, fishing and watching movies.

Apparently has ``the coolest dog in the world``, Karma.

Dorrell Tibbs

Dorrell Tibbs

Photography Director




Joined Visual Fusion in 2018.

Wichita-based photographer with over 5 years in the industry.

Avid believer that its all about lighting, lighting and lighting.

Loves meeting new people, building relationships and exploring new and old locations alike.

Is much more likely to forget his wallet at home than his camera.

Madeline Deabler

Madeline Deabler

Graphic Designer

Print Design / Publications / Promotional Design / Illustration



Joined Visual Fusion in 2017.

Slayer of layouts and typographic genius.

A Horror movie fanatic and connoisseur.

Her diet consists of caffeine, chocolate, and anything spicy.


Like each of our clients, we understand what it means to be in business,

and we know that strong partnerships drive successful projects. We take the time to get to know your business so that we can fully understand your needs and your project objectives. Then, we work with you to develop a well-designed, creative solution that truly speaks to and engages your audience.

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