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We are a passionate design studio based in Wichita, Kansas.

We are in love with building beautiful, quality design and websites for local and international companies.

What we offer

Web Design


We have over 10 years of experience and ensure you get the quality design and marketing that you deserve.

Web Design


When working with us, we cut the middle man out. You will speak directly with our designers to make certain there is nothing lost in translation.

Web Design


Not only will we provide you with unique graphics & visuals, but we’ll design a custom marketing plan befitting of your company’s goals.

Web Design


Whether you need a website, a social media marketing plan, or a poster for an event, we’ve got creative design solutions, to help your business stand out.

What we've done

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Who we are

Meet your Visual Fusion Creatives.

With our supernatural design and marketing powers, our creative team can offer your business exceptional designs. Whether you need a single print ad, an all-encompassing marketing campaign, or a shiny new website, we’ve got the skills to take your business, and profits, to the next level. Call us today to see how our exceptional powers can empower your business.

Naama Marcos : Owner

Naama Marcos


Meet the Creative Genie, and fearless leader of the Visual Fusion Creatives. With the wiggle of her nose and the nod of her head, Naama bestows brilliant marketing plans and marvelous graphics to make your business stand out. With Naama at the helm, your business is guaranteed to be granted profitable designs and outstanding customer service at every juncture of the design process.

Michelle Adams : Designer

Michelle Adams


Meet  the Creative Wizard of the Visual Fusion Team. Strong with the tinkering force, Michelle provides inspired solutions for every design conundrum. Her magical website-building talents and exceptional graphic design skills will give your business a unique look to be proud of.

Astyn Jeys : Designer

Astyn Jeys


Meet the Creative Nerd. Astyn’s notable design aptitude and striking writing ability combine with her knack for research and plethora of knowledge, to provide unique marketing solutions for your company’s profit problems.

Zarah Daniels : Designer

Zarah Daniels


Meet our Creative Butterfly of the Visual Fusion Team. Zarah is a master of the social media realm and proficient in the arts of photography and graphic design. Her debonair social media marketing skills and masterful designs combine to give your business a blossoming online presence.

Katie Brown : Designer

Katie Brown


Meet our Creative Alchemist, who concocts design remedies for every creative quandary. Her impressive illustration talents coupled with her unique vision and inspiring intellect offer your company unmatched graphics and profitable promotional pieces that will increase interest and build business.

Jessica Papaioannou : Office Manager

Jessica Papaioannou

Office Manager

Meet Jessica Papaioannou, the Creative Regulator of Visual Fusion. Intense organizing, impressive communicating, punctual proof reading, and unsurpassed multi-tasking are just a few of her many talents. Jessica ensures that your project goes smoothly, your questions are answered fully, and that you’re happy with your Visual Fusion experience, entirely.


What we know

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2014 Graphic & Web Design Trends

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Search Engine Optimization

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